1. Code of Conduct

Aha!Car is a web platform for carpooling. By making your online registration, you accept and agree to abide by all terms the conditions of use set out in this platform, including those in the'Code of Conduct'.

2. Rules of Behavior for Aha Car users

In a shared journey, the driver is the one “offering transport ' and the passenger is the one “ seeking transport '. Each member of Aha!Car platform, a driver or a passenger, is obliged to publish an ad for travel only in case it is actually a trip that he actually intends to carry out . By posting a route, every member of the Aha!Car society agrees to provide the most complete information regarding the trip, e.g. the starting and ending points of the trip; date and time of the trip; the amount of shared costs per passenger; details about the car and the trip, such as the presence of airconditioning in the vehicle; whether pets are allowed; whether smoking is allowed , whether passengers are allowed to have luggage or not etc. The driver has to respond to questions from passengers regarding trip and vehicle details related to passangers’ level of comfort. Each passenger is encouraged to ask his questions to the driver, if the information in the notice of the journey is insufficient. Aha!Car recommends correspondence between members to be done through the established internal messaging system.

All members of the Aha!Car are responsible for the truthfulness and the accuracy of the information they provide about themselves and their routes. They are expected to strictly observe what they’ve already agreed to. Aha!Car is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and for the members’ compliance with all the terms and conditions mutually agreed.

The driver is obliged to make the offered journey should at least one passenger confirm participation. Aha!Car provides an opportunity to its members to refuse to travel in cases where unforseeable circumstances have arisen as a result of which the participation in the trip becomes impossible. In such circumstances, a refusal of the travel through the web platform can be made within 48 hours (two days) before the start of the journey.

3. Safety

The driver is not allowed to use substances and medications that could affect his ability to drive during the carpool. Passengers shall not interfere with the driver in any way during the trip.

Be careful when providing personal data or other related information to other members directly or through the website, as you can’t be sure of the identity of the other members on the website. Aha!Car is unable to check the personal data of registered members on the website and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information they publish.

Ones you set carpool agreement with members of the website, Aha!Car recommends a first meeting to be arranged in a public place(eg Mall Center) and you are encouraged to always carry your mobile phone with you!
We encourage the Aha!Car members to share information to a friend in advance for a planned trip, e.g. when it will take place, where will it begin, names and photos of participants, model and registration of the car and the driver's phone number (if you are a passenger).

Site members must always verify the identity of the other carpool participants that will travel before the journey.

Aha!Car members agree not to feel offended when another member takes reasonable measures concerning its safety and security, including the above recommendations.

4. Transparency, Costs and Accuracy

All members of Aha!Car agree to provide information and documents to other members who can reasonably require it in case the same are participants in a mutual carpool.

Driver‘s personal data consists of and is not limited to the registrations of the vehicle, а third part liability insurance, the vehicle’s annual safety inspection and a driving license. Passengers who agreed to drive should have a valid driver's license. In any case, members of the AHA Car may require identity cards to other members participating in the carpool.

Passenger(s) agree to share the cost of the trip, according to the amount negotiated with the driver. The driver declares that his asking price reflects his real cost of the trip and no mark-up or additional profit.
Aha!Car notes that the site cannot be used for commercial purposes .

All users agree to respect and obey the time and place for departure. Drivers and passengers must arrive at the designated point on time. The participant who fails to appear 30 minutes after the scheduled departure time is responsible for the cancellation of the agreement with the driver.

5. Rules and regulations

Driver agrees that he and his vehicle will always be in accordance with the rules regulations of the road.
All users agree not to carry or transport substances, hazardous materials or prohibited articles that may be harmful, offensive or unacceptable during the trip.

6. Hygiene and comfort

Each driver agrees, that he should provide a clean vehicle, so the passengers feel comfortable. Each passenger agrees,to respect the hygiene rules of the vehicle during the carpool.

Each member of the Aha!Car agrees to have a clean and welcoming appearance while traveling and not to disturb the comfort of other participants in the carpool.

For a comfortable and smooth traveling Aha!Car members should clarify in advance the basic travel conditions such as the amount of shared costs per passenger, departure time and the quantity of luggage allowed, the number of people who will travel, whether smoking is permitted,if pets are allowed(and if so, which exactly), whether there will be music in the car (and what style),start and end point of the journey etc.

7. The information published on the site

Online posting of offensive information, information that could harm third parties or misrepresentation are not allowed. Aha!Car has the right to remove any information that is against this policy as soon as it’s established (Aha!Car does not monitor the site for such information.) Drivers and passengers must accept that they might be scored and ranked publicly on the site. They also accept that their score and rank will be calculated and published in accordance with the criteria established by Aha!Car.