1. How Aha Car works

We call a trip “shared” when a driver provides transportation to one or more passengers and none of the participants has a financial gain. Aha Car makes carpool accessible, easy, safe and enjoyable through three main steps,

Step 1: Sign up

By visiting AhaCAR.com everyone can get acquainted with the platform, but only registered members can:

- create routes as users who seek and / or provide transport;
- make an inquiry and participate in a shared trip;
- use special functions provided by AhaCAR;

One thing is certain, if you carpool, you will optimize your costs, you will become an active participant in environmental protection and you will enjoy your travel.

Step 2: Searching for and Creating routes

If you think that carpool generates only benefits, most likely you are already part of the AhaCAR space.

You only have to decide where you want to go and how you want to travel, as a passenger or а driver. Look for AhaCAR posts on already established routes or create your own route.

Step 3: Travel together

Through some special features Aha Car enables you to choose those passengers or drivers that best suit your preferences and makes it possible for you to contact them. Please, don’t forget to give your rating at the end of the journey and to write your personal comment about your experience and them.

2. What is AhaCar.com

Aha Car platform is designed and developed by a team of professionals with different scopes of interests and activity. The main reasons for the existence of Aha Car though, is the satisfaction of its Users.

Our objective is to build a web environment in which each and every participant can find a benefit. Each function is created in a way to ensure a smooth, secure and enjoyable carpooling for everyone.. Aha Car is completely free to use for our customers because we believe that by further spreading the Aha Car idea , we are creating a strong positive effect on the Environment.

3. Social network

Aha Car creates a social network among its users. Each user has a public profile that represents him and describes his personality. The platform communication tools facilitate the participant’s’ exchange of information on all sorts of topics. Aha Organizer is a personal space, which is easily managed and maintained by each user. It keeps track of and stores all past, present and future travels. By using Aha Organizer you can create and maintain a list of all users with whom you want to stay in touch with and further communicate.
An important element of Aha Car is its Forum where users can share ideas and discuss various topics.

4. Planning a trip

Aha Car is designed in a way that enables you to easily detect and understand all the relevant information for a specific ride. However, in case the participants in a specific trip need to specify further details, Aha Car allows and ensures internal communication between users by sending personal messages.

5. Price per trip

Each user of Aha Car is free to offer a price for his/her planned trip. We recommend using the Price Calculator as a guide for fuel consumption calculation. Please note that announcing a price of travel, which is higher than the actual cost per traveler (e.g. generating a profit), is against the principles of carpooling and the General Terms of use of Aha Car platform.

6. Search

In order to start searching for a specific route, all you have to do is fill the fields 'From' and 'To' in the Search engine of Aha Car. Once you press the 'Search' button, you will see all the existing announcements for the chosen destination. An interactive map will display your search. Through filters, you can make advanced search based on specific criteria.

7. Fast and easy selection

If you are a registered user of Aha Car, you can use the special tool for selection of routes Aha Organizer. Once you have run your initial search for existing routes, you can choose among the ones that seem appropriate and press the 'Aha!' button. In that way you already stored these rides in your personal Aha Organizer. There you can save, delete, view and ask the publishers of those routes for the possibility to join the ride.

Aha Car allows you to inquire about more announcements for the same destination at the same time, which will enable you to find the most suitable ride. You will travel with those who respond first to your request. The system will automatically cancel all your other queries. The more active you are in Aha Car space, the better chance you have to find quickly passengers or drivers available!

8. Trip cancelation

You have already made an arrangement to carpool with other Aha Car user, but your plans have changed and you need to cancel the ride?

To reduce the possibility of misunderstandings arising due to unexpected circumstances Aha Car allows travel cancellation not later than 48 hours (two days) before the start. Drivers and passengers can refuse to participate in a journey through the cancellation button. Aha Car will inform the participants about the changes by a generated message, but we recommend you to write a personal message in the message box in relation to your cancelation. The rest of the participants in the ride will receive it.

We advise you to get in advance the phone numbers of the other participants in the ride. This will give you a chance to inform them timely in case of unexpected circumstances just before it starts.

Aha Car advises passengers and drivers to wait at the meeting point for the rest of the participants to arrive at least 30 minutes after the appointment time. If a participant in the carpool fails to arrive during this period, it is considered that he cancelled the ride..

9. Ride reminder

Aha Car sends a reminder to all of the participants in the ride 72 hours (three days) in advance.

10. Travel preferences

Would it be possible to smoke during the trip? Are pets allowed? Does the vehicle have an air-conditioning system? Are food and drinks allowed? The driver indicates those details in his announcement, so each passenger could figure it out in advance.

11. Comfort during the trip

You have your own criteria for convenient traveling? Don’t worry! Aha Car recommends passengers to ask in advance their driver all their questions regarding the type and model of car, the available extras and other related details.