What is Ladies Car?

Carpool has become increasingly popular throughout the world. Besides the fact that many people choose this type of traveling more often, there is certain mistrust in this service among ladies. In order to make carpool a reliable and convenient mean of transportation for them, Aha Car has designed a special tool, called “Ladies Car”. By choosing “Ladies Car”, women guarantee for themselves a safe travel in an entirely female company, so that they feel safe and comfortable.

How does Ladies Car work?

If you are a woman and also a driver and if you want to share a trip with a female company only just use the special function “Ladies Car”! In the process of creating your ad for a route, you only need to activate “Ladies Car” option. By activating it, your ad will be visible only to Aha Car members who indicated themselves as female. It is the responsibility of Aha Car members to declare correctly their gender identity. After receiving a carpool enquiry by another Aha Car member, please check his/her personal profiles, photos, names, comments and rating assessments before approving it. Please, select those ones who have multiple rating assessments and comments from other members. This will ensure the reliability of the user's data and personal information.