Once you have finished your online registration as a user of the platform, you agree to the following conditions:

• Not to post false and misleading information, materials containing confidential information, materials, which affect interests of third parties, as well as advertising material content.
• Not to post ads incite violence, ethnic and/ or religious intolerance or any materials that are in violation of the Bulgarian legislation and generally accepted social norms and moral
The platform administrators reserve their right to:
• To delete with no warning any inappropriate postings;
• To terminate user’s registration without notice;
• To terminate, modify and supplement the services offered.
The platform owners shall not be responsible for the content of user’s posts, as well as the travel announcement. The platform owners shall not be responsible for the actions of the website users, even if the users have used the website services by lawful or unlawful methods according to the General Conditions.
“User“means any person, who uses the services provided through the website www.AhaCar.com.
www.AhaCar.com team includes the owners and all persons authorized to act on behalf of the owners.
The current document contains the terms and conditions for use of the services and information resources provided by the website www.AhaCar.com owners (hereinafter www.AhaCar.com)to the users of the website www.AhaCar.com and arranges the relations between www.AhaCar.com and each of the registered or not registered user of the services available through the website.

General terms and conditions of www.AhaCar.com

1. Applicability of the general provisions.
2. Services provided.
3. Registration and Membership
4. Users’ obligations and responsibilities.
5. Obligations and responsibilities of www.AhaCar.com .
6. Additional provisions.

1.Applicability of the general terms and conditions 

“Note: Everywhere in the General terms and conditions, documents and texts on the pages of www.AhaCar.com, when talking about user, passenger, driver, carrier, etc. it’s not with the intention to discriminate, on the contrary – everything written is valid for the representatives of the female sex. Its sole purpose is clarity of the presentation.
1.1. The current General terms and conditions arrange the relations between the users and the website www.AhaCar.com, which arise from the provision and usage of the website services. The individual services can be further negotiated on the bases of these terms and conditions. You may accept the General terms and conditions as you :
1.Click, in order to confirm the acceptance of the General terms and conditions, when www.AhaCar.com has given this option in the users' interface of the following service, or

2. Start using the services. In this case you understand and accept that www.AhaCar.com will treat the usage of the services as acceptance of the terms and conditions from that point onwards. These general terms and conditions shall apply to any usage of the site no matter if a user’s profile is created or not.

1.2. Persons under the age of 18 may not use the services of the site, as well as they cannot be fellow travelers according to the offered opportunities for carpooling, except in the case when the underage person is accompanied by an adult (with full legal age).

1.3. Each person, who wishes to use the services of the site, shall be obliged to comply with the obligations laid down by the General terms and conditions. The acceptance of the General terms and conditions starts with the registration as a user or with the express use of the services, when it is possible without registration. Before continuing you should print or save in your computer a copy of the general terms for your records.

2. Services provided

2.1. www.AhaCar.com offers its users the right to use information communication platform for introducing and reading announcements for joint travel and journeys. The site services are strictly limited to the provision of non-commercial service for the driver and fellow travelers/passengers of the car as private people. The services cannot be used for generating profit or any other commercial or professional context. Drivers cannot arrange the journey to benefit profit. The service, as well as the passenger’s contribution to the costs of the driver can be used only to repay the cost of the driver, not to generate profits for the latter. This applies to all activities, measures and any additional services or activities which may be agreed between the driver and passenger. The driver shall not provide additional services to passengers for profit and the passenger is not allowed to accept or request such services, including (without limitation ) the delivery of parcels, waiting and gathering additional passengers (other than a passenger, which was initially arranged) .

2.2. www.AhaCar.com does not organize and does not ensure offers implementation and is not a party to the contractual relationship between users. The platform enables users to negotiate terms with each other. www.AhaCar.com is not an intermediary in carrying out the arrangements between users of the platform and assumes no responsibility for breach of commitments for joint trips, incl. delayed or not correct realization, variations in the route, etc.. Neither www.AhaCar.com, nor the website provides transport services. This is a communication platform for users to make contact with each other.

2.3.Types of services provided to registered users:
1.The ability to post personal ads on upcoming trips;
2.Access to published by other Users personal ads and their components;
3.The ability to send messages through the system on the website;
4.Opportunity to make comments and assessments of fellow travelers and rides;

2.4. Each User shall supply himself for its own account with the necessary equipment and software allowing him access to the website.
2.5. www.AhaCar.com does not guarantee that the system and services will be available without interruption. Temporary interruption of service aiming to eliminate interference and conducting scheduled maintenance and preventive maintenance are allowed.
2.6. www.AhaCar.com reserves the right to enhance and improve the services provided, including changes to the technology and design of the services without prior notice to users. Current content changes are part of the services provided and not represent changes in this regard.
2.7. www.AhaCar.com has the right to change, delete or stop ads published by users which are distributed in violation of the General Terms and conditions of use and contrary to good manners.

3. Registration and membership

3.1. Online registration in www.AhaCar.com is voluntary. It is complete and valid only after confirmation of the General Terms and conditions of use by the user.
3.2. Each registered person becomes a member of the platform www.AhaCar.com and generates his unique personal profile. Free membership is unlimited in time.
3.3. After successful registration, the user receives the right to publish ads, receive messages online in the site or by email from www.AhaCar.com related with the services.

4 . Obligations and responsibilities of Users

4.1. The nature of the provided services requires non anonymity between users. Users who travel together should establish a reliable contact between each other, which guarantees their safety - personal safety and the safety of others.

4.2. User herewith declares and acknowledges that he will use the contents of this site at his own risk and responsibility and will not make claims against www.AhaCar.com, caused by the publication of third parties, including for damages or lost profits caused by insult , slander or any infringement of his rights in another way.

4.3. In order to use certain Services, you may be required to provide information about yourself (such as identification details or contact details) as part of the registration process for the Service, or as part of your continued use of the Services. You herewith agree that all registration information you give to www.AhaCar.com, shall always be accurate, correct and actual. By accepting the General Terms and conditions, the user agrees his ads, personal data including phone number to be presented to other users in order a contact to be accomplished. User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of passwords, associated with his account, through which he uses the services of the website.

4.4. The user has the right to access the information that is introduced, as well as the possibility of correction. In case of changes of registration data, the user is required to reflect the change in his personal profile. He shall be responsible for all attempts to make unauthorized access to the data available on the website, mailboxes, software, networks, computers and other devices, and all attempts for deliberate release of viruses, Trojans and other computer programs designed to cause any harm.

4.5. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, the user ensures that he owns or has lawfully acquired all rights to the published notices on the website. He is personally responsible for any third party claims relating to the published notices in violation of copyright and intellectual property rights protected by law. In case www.AhaCar.com, respectively, the holders of rights to the site, are prosecuted for the publication of the user, the latter shall undertake to provide the necessary documents for the effective protection and to pay all the costs.

4.6. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, users undertake not to provide misleading and / or false information when registering, and not to act under false identity.

4.7. User herewith agrees his ads to be treated under these General Terms and Conditions and to be used under a partnership between www.AhaCar.com and the websites of partner organizations.

4.8. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, users agree not to use the platform for purposes prohibited by law, including not to publish and / or distribute:
1. Posts with pornographic, political, racist or other discriminatory content or with content that is prohibited by law;
2. Posts on the platform, whose reproduction is a violation of copyright or other rights of third parties related to copyright;
3. Advertisements or anti- advertisements, chain letters or games that offer services and / or products for purchase;
4. Software programs or viruses that may block and / or damage the operation of the www.AhaCar.com hardware and software or the other users;
5.Posts with indications of sources of information;
6. Posts that may offend, slander or harm in any way to other users.

4.9. Unless been specifically permitted in a separate agreement with www.AhaCar.com , with the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions, the User agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade in another way, or resell the Services for any purpose whatsoever.

4.10. Some of the Services are supported by advertising incomes and may display advertisements and announcements. www.AhaCar.com shall be entitled to change the way, the form and the scale of advertising, without notify the users in advance. With the adoption of the General Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge and agree that www.AhaCar.com can provide commercial messages for services to your email and in return, www.AhaCar.com is granting you access and right to use its services.

4.11. Obligations of the drivers.
The driver herewith agrees:
- That will appear at the agreed time and place with a particular vehicle;
- That will immediately inform all passengers for any changes related to travel. If one or more passengers have a reservation and the driver decides to change any aspect of the trip, he shall be obliged to contact all passengers who have booked on this trip and to obtain the consent of all the passengers regarding the change;
- In case of canceling a trip due to unforeseen circumstances to inform the passengers who booked this trip about the change, using the function for “Trip cancelation” which is active not later than 48 hours (two days) before the ride;
- To contact all passengers who have booked on a ride and inform them about the change in case of travel cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances within 48 hours (two days) before the trip ;
- That will wait for passengers at the agreed meeting point at least 30 minutes after the agreed time (It is expected from the passenger to be exact).

4.12. Obligations of the passengers.
The passenger herewith agrees:
- That will appear at the agreed time and place;
- To inform the driver about the change in case of travel cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, using the function for “Trip cancelation” which is active not later than 48 hours (two days) before the ride;
- To inform the driver about the changes in case of travel cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances within 48 hours (two days) before the trip ;
- That the driver will wait at least 30 minutes after the agreed time;
- to pay the travel expenses of the driver, according to pre-agreed in the notice of the specific trip.

4.13 . In case if the driver or the passenger does not meet any of the above conditions or other conditions of the website, www.AhaCar.com reserves the right to keep the information related to the offence, to publish or otherwise disclose this information in the online profile of the user and to suspend or withdraw the user access to the website.

5. Obligations and responsibilities of www.AhaCar.com

5.1. For the provision of the services, the web site processes, usees and stores data about its users. This information is entered personally by each User with his explicit consent. www.AhaCar.com ensures the compliance with the legislation for protection of personal data.

5.2. www.AhaCar.com shall not be responsible for any damages that may arise as a result of errors, delays or failure of mediation, for untruly content and actuality of the public notices or for data loss due to viruses or other reasons when using online services insofar as such damages are not a result of deliberate action of www.AhaCar.com administrator.

5.3. www.AhaCar.com is not responsible for technical disturbances, and damages caused by overpowering and / or force majeure circumstances, such as natural disasters, acts of war, terrorism, etc..

5.4. www.AhaCar.com does not resolve disputes between users.

5.5. www.AhaCar.com shall not be responsible for:
1. incorrect, inaccurate or delayed performance of the agreed travel;
2. actions, inactions, errors, omissions, statements, warranties, breaches or crimes of users, as well as for the injuries, death, property damage or other losses occured on joint trips
3. non-payment of the agreed remuneration, any damages, lost profits, incl. or omission of profits or other consequential loss.

5.6. www.AhaCar.com shall be entitled at its discretion to limit the access to all or part of the services, and to deny or terminate their use by particular or all Users.

5.7. In case of violations of the General Terms and Conditions by User or in case if his behavior is outside the established common rules, www.AhaCar.com shall be entitled to close and / or delete his registration profile, in its discretion and without right of review and without any need for prior notification to this website member.

5.8. www.AhaCar.com assists in any way upon request of information necessary to clarify matters by the relevant public authorities in Republic of Bulgaria.

6. Additional

6.1. www.AhaCar.com shall be entitled to change the General Terms and Conditions when necessary to protect its interests for which is notifying its users only by posting the updated General Terms and Conditions to this website. If within 14 days from the date of publication, the user does not object it shall be deemed that he have accepted the new General Terms and Conditions. In case of disagreement the user has the right to terminate his membership.

6.2. The invalidity of a particular provision does not invalidate these General Terms and Conditions in full.

6.3. For the unsettled questions, the law of the Republic of Bulgaria shall be applied.

6.4. The software included in this website which ensures the functioning of www.AhaCar.com, as well as the graphical and textual elements, are owned by the owners of the platform www.AhaCar.com. Any copying or reproduction of the software, graphics or text, or parts of them, without written express consent is prohibited and will be prosecuted as a violation of the Copyright and Related Rights Act, Act on Marks and Geographical Indications, incl. shall be deemed as offense crime under the Criminal Code of Republic of Bulgaria.

These General Terms and Conditions have been accepted and enter into force since September 2013.