Personal data protection

1. General

Aha Car takes reliable care of the personal data protection of its users. Our security policy protects the collection, usage and disclosure of personal information which is obtained through the web platform Aha Car, and other related affiliated links called (the "Website").

We are a registered data controller under the Bulgarian Law for Personal Data Protection.
By registering or using this Website or any other services we provide, you agree to provide your information, which will be used strictly according to the current regulations for the: collection, usage and disclosure of personal information in accordance with the Bulgarian Law for Personal Data Protection and/or other existing legislation.

2 How we collect and use data

2.1. Private information
To create your online profile and getting access to other services, including, but not limited to your name, address, date of birth:
• Your e-mail;
• Your password for accessing the platform;
• Mobile phone number;
• Record of correspondence between you and other users or between you and us;
• Your answers to surveys or questionnaires, which can be used in different researches;
• Detailed records of your visits to the Website and the resources you use to access;
• Information that you may be asked to submit when notifying us of a problem in the functionality of the Website;

2.2 Additional information:
We only collect information that you choose to provide us voluntarily with, beyond the minimum required upon your registration as a new user. By providing this information, you explicitly agree that the Website shall have the right to use it in accordance with the existing regulations.

3. Usage

We can use the personal information provided by you in order to guarantee that the website content is presented to you, to your computer or other electronic device in the most effective way, as well as to customize the Website according to your preferences. As a result, we can contact and notify you when changes in the site or the services we offer take place (unless you have explicitly asked us not to).

Our commitment to keep your data confidential shall not be applied to information that is disclosed at the request of the Authorities, as well as to information that has been publicly disclosed or has been acquired by third parties. Meanwhile, the Website reserves the right to collect and disseminate statistical information regarding routes of travel, without discolsing the personal data of its users.

4. Sharing Your Information

We will not disclose information that is provided via the Website to third parties, except for the minimum required when making a reservation of a carpool between drivers and passengers, or in case we are obliged to provide data to Authorities to prevent fraud and crime. By registering as a website user and providing your personal information, you agree that in case of a future sale of the Website or upon change of ownership of the Company - data collector, we have the right to transfer your personal information to third parties – buyers, if applicable. In such case we will take care to ensure that your personal data would remain protected.

5. Ensuring your privacy

We shall take all the necessary measures to protect your personal information, while transmitted from your computer to our server /Website, in order to protect it against loss, misuse and/ or unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. Our reliable technology, encrypted software and data protection are set to prevent any unauthorized access. Please ensure the protection of your usernames and passwords, as the site can not be responsible for your actions / inactions in this context!

6. Other websites

This Website contains references and links to other websites. Please be aware that this privacy policy does not relate to them! We could not be responsible for the privacy policies and practices of webs, which are not used by us, even if you have the opportunity to access them via our Website. We strictly recommend you to check the privacy policies of each site that you visit!