What is it for?

Each registered user of Aha Car is part of a community that is composed of real people with different interests and beliefs. Rating is an important tool that will show you how far a user has the qualities that other users of the Aha Car expect of him. The more you use the rating tool, the more accurate information will appear in the profile of each user. Please, be honest when evaluating others!

How it works?

Once date of the ride in which you declared participation passes, Aha Car sends a questionnaire to all participants in the car ride. That will allow you to evaluate your companions and your travel experience.

Mark if the Aha Car member was a driver or a passenger. Specify if he/she attended the trip or not. Evaluate him/her with a rating from 1 to 6 and write a text comment. Through your feedback dependable user’s profile shall be crated based on real impressions and experiences.

Once you have set up rating and comments, they will be added on to the user’s public profile. Once a member receives rating evaluation and comments, he/she will be informed by the internal messaging system. Aha Car team aims to create a positive environment. Therefore the use of offensive phrases and expressions is not allowed. The Aha Car team has the right to delete any obscene or offensive comments, as soon as it finds them.

Why evaluate others?

80% of users, who use rating to evaluate others, receive back a rating evaluation. The more positive rating evaluations you have, the more reliable User you become in the eyes of the other Aha Car community members. Remember that sharing your impressions is very valuable to the others!


Would you like to know how many kilometers you have traveled in Aha Car? Are you interested to learn how much carbon emission you have saved to preserve the environment? Rank is a fun way to visualize this information. Once your companions confirm that you have participated in a carpool, the kilometers you have travelled will automatically be added in your account. The more kilometers you have travelled, the closer you are to the next higher Rank level.

The Ranking scale is as follows:

Rank I ' Beginner' from 0 km to 0 km
Rank II ' Curious ' from 1 km to 500 km
Rank III ' Explorer ' from 501 km to 3,000 km
Rank IV ' Trapper ' From 3,001 km to 10,000 km
Rank V  ' Indiana Jones ' from 10,001 km to 20,000 km
Rank VI ' Intergalactic Hitchhiker ' from 20,001 km to 50,000 km
Rank VII Aha Idol up to 50,001 km

Once you reach the next higher Rank level, Aha Car rewards you with a certificate to express our appreciations for your excellent accomplishments activity, which you could post on to the social networks. Are you ready to Carpool with Aha Car? :)