What is carpooling?

When traveling with other people and sharing travel costs with each other, there is no doubt that you participate in a carpool ride. Aha Car enables the connection between drivers and passengers who want to participate in a carpool.

What are the benefits of carpooling?

Carpooling has many benefits! It reduces the harmful effects on the environment, reduces costs, creates new friendships, eliminates the dependences on the public transportation schedules by saving you a lot of valuable personal time and makes the travel comfortable and pleasant.

What is Aha Car?

Aha Car is a free online platform for carpooingl that connects drivers and passengers from all over the world. Aha Car is a multifunctional system, very helpful and useful for the society.

When will be possible to use Aha Car in Romanian?

Currently Aha Car operates in Bulgarian, Serbian, Greek and English. Aha Car team does everything possible to make the platform available to everyone. It's a matter of time for us to make the site content available also in Romanian!

How does Aha Car ensure the safety during carpooling?

Aha Car allows passengers and drivers to participate in a shared travel. Rating & Comments are the basic tools, which will enable you to evaluate other Aha Car users and the qualities they posess (based on expectations of other Aha Car users). We encourage you to get familiar with the personal profile, ratings and comments for each of the other Aha Car users to make sure that they are reliable.

Despite our efforts in the established functions, Aha Car team is not able to guarantee the safety and the reliability of the data provided in the platform. For a safer experience, please take into consideration the following advices:

• You are encouraged to request additional information or a preliminary meeting with your co-travellers, the registration number of the vehicle, a mobile contact number, a photo, a description of the vehicle etc.
• Please, arrange your meetings with co-travellers you don’t know in busy public places. Prior to departure, you can request information about identification documents, driving license (driver) and documents of the vehicle ( registration documents , driving license, vehicle roadworthiness, liability insurance and safety inspection) .
• Please, inform in advance a friend or a relative about the planned trip and take your cell phone with you while traveling.
• If the vehicle is not in good condition (non-working headlights ortail lights, rear lamps, lack of seat belts etc.) we advise you not to participate in the trip.
• In case that the driver’s license is not valid or expired,or if the driver has suspicious behaviour or is not able to drive, please do not participate in this trip.

Each of the participants in the carpool is encouraged to assist the others by providing them with adequate information regarding their safety.

In case Aha Car team verifies that a registered user do not respect the platform rules, it has the right to revoke his rights of access.

How to set a carpool price?

The carpool price shall include only the ride cost depending on the distance, average fuel consumption of the vehicle and the current fuel price. The website offers a calculator at your disposal. Its usage is very easy and helps you get an adequate price. Your proposed price for the trip is fixed and can not be renegotiated. Each user is free to announce the ride as free of charge.
It is important to know that the generation of profit through Aha Car is against the terms of use of the platform!

How do I pay for my carpool?

Payment is made in cash prior to departure. We recommend that all passengers in the carpool prepare in advance the exact amount so that the driver does not have to give any change back. The cost for the trip is fixed and can not be renegotiated later.

Do I have to publish a personal photo?

No, but we strongly recommend you to do so. For other users of the Aha Car is important to have a visual idea of who exactly their future co-traveller will be. Publishing a suitable photo to your profile increases your chances to be approved as a participant in a carpool by more than 70%.

An image is suitable if its size is no more than 2 Mb in jpeg, gif or png formats. An acceptable profile picture in Aha Car is one that is up to date and clearly shows the face of the user, so that he can be easily recognized at the start point of the ride by the rest of the participants. All other types of photos are not acceptable. Aha Car team has the right to remove inappropriate profile pictures.