Trust, Route Selection, Privacy


Aha Car platform is responsible for regulating the supply and demand for transportation. Its main objective is providing maximum level of security and comfort to its users when meeting with strangers. In order to establish a mutual trust, participants should pay attention to the following instruments:

1.1. Authenticity of personal data. The website is managed and used by real people. Therefore, all members of the community involved in carpooling with Aha Car, should use their real identity, using their real names and posting their authentic recent pictures. Our platform does not support the usage of nicknames and tolerates the participants in the circle of Aha Car to openly share the relevant information;

1.2. Rating. AhaCar web platform encourages users to evaluate other users by rating them. The rating shows the extent to which a user has qualities, expected by the others. It provides information about their experience, carpool history, and intentions.

1.3. Comments. Each user is free to share his/her impressions for other users. A large number of unique comments allows users to create a better impression for other carpoolers.

1.4 Ranking of mileage and response time gives information about how active a user is in the Aha Car platform.

Route Selection

We encourage you to use the Aha Organizer! It allows you to arrange all the relevant routes in a list, which could be easily managed. Through the communication options of the system you can specify all the details you are interested in. Then you can make your selection and send a request for transportation to the selected ones. Being able to choose among many options will increase your chances to find the most suitable routes and companions.


Upon registration Aha Car requires only that part of your personal information which will allow us to make our platform a secure place for our users. You have the option to hide your phone number and your e-mail address from other participants. 

You are solely responsible for the information that you provide in our platform.

We encourage you to use the web platform internal communication system.It will inform you by sending an email to your email address about new messages received in the platform.