The Carpool experience is green, social, modern and fun!

Aha Car aims to be socially useful. To achieve this we have developed free applications for Public institutions, universities, private companies and event organizers.

Free application for public institutions and private companies


What is the free carpool application for? The free application for searching carpool routes is a tool located on your web page. After entering the start and end point of your future journey you may select 'search' and the application will automatically take you to the Aha Car website, where you can find all posted options for the chosen route. The design of this application can be set to the corporate view of each website.

What are the specific benefits for public institutions and private companies?

When a large number of employees commute daily to their jobs, carpool contributes to:
- Increasing of parking spaces availability;
- Creating a 'green' image for your organization by reducing fuel costs and maintenance of company vehicles;
- Unification for the working team;
- Reduction in the cost of transportation and vehicle maintenance for your employees.

What are the specific benefits for universities?

Many universities in Europe and around the world give their students the opportunity to carpool where this kind of transportation is very popular among young people . The main benefits for students and universities are:
- Creates a steady pursuit of environmental protection among young people;
- Universities are committed to protecting the environment;
- Increasing of parking space availability around the universities;
- Reducing the monthly costs of students and teachers;
- All people travel comfortably and make new friends .

Free application for event promoters


If you are concert organizers, festival or any other public event promoter, then Aha Car can be your partner. We've developed a free application to help visitors find transportation by carpool to the event location. Aha Car can design and publish a personalized ‘tool’ on your corporate website, to allow potential visitors to see available carpool options.

What are the benefits for event promoters?

- The event becames more accessible for people traveling from greater distances;
- Increase of parking during the event and traffic reduction;
- The promoters exhibits a 'green' image.

Integration of the Aha Car free applications

We provide a free code for IT website developers that can be easily integrated to display the application. If you would like a free Aha Car application, please contact us at

Specific integrated application (paid services).

The Aha Car team is ready to apply its expertise in developing software solutions concerning the sharing of services to meet the specific needs of the private and public sector.
Cost reduction in general and taking care of the environment are the main priorities of private companies and public departments. Carpool is an effective practice to help achieve your strategic objectives in this area and Aha Car is ready to help.

Please complete the form below to request developed and customized solutions for your needs . We will be grateful if you define your specific requirements and problems you want resolved. The Aha Car team will contact you as quickly as possible.