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What to Do If Your Engine Overheats

Ensuring your automobile is in the right condition guarantees you a smooth ride. You should carry out different maintenance practices to keep your vehicle in the perfect state. Regular servicing is one of the things you should do. Take your car to an auto repair shop where it can be inspected regularly. Failure to do so may see you encounter several challenges. Most of them usually have something to do with the engine.

Engine problems are usually a common thing in most vehicles. It may start heating all of a sudden. This usually happens when traveling over long distances or when it has been running for long. Overheating of the engine happens because of several reasons. Leakages that occur in your cooling system could be one of the reasons behind this.

overheated car engineAs the coolant drips off through the damaged part that is leaking, air usually gets in forming a bubble which blocks the coolant to push through it to get to the engine. This results in overheating. Your coolant may also condense in low temperatures, which makes it difficult for it to move around. Low level of oil can lead to increased friction responsible for overheating in most engines. There are several immediate actions you should take when your engine overheats. They include:

Turn it Off

You should turn off the engine if you start noticing any signs of overheating. Those who experience this when driving should look for a safe spot beside the road where they can pull over and turn it off. Keeping your engine running when you notice any of these signs will only result in further damage. Wait for your engine to cool down before opening the hood of your car.

Check Your Coolant

After confirming that your car has cooled down using the temperature gauge, it is time you inspect the coolant levels in your radiator. You can confirm with your car manual if you are not sure where the reservoir tank of your coolant is located. Make sure it is in the correct levels. The cap of your radiator should be cool before opening it.

Check for Blockage

car engine coolantYou should inspect your radiator hoses to make sure they are not blocked. Blockage in your radiator is what prevents the coolant from reaching your vehicle engine resulting in overheating. You should check carefully for any blockage. If all is well, you can restart your car engine and monitor the temperature gauge.