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Top British Car Brands You Should Know

British cars are part of the European automotive industry. They are commonly known for being luxurious models. Nonetheless, they are famous for their quality, design, brandon flowers hot, and overall performance. The popular models include Jaguar, Aston Martin, Mini, Land Rover, Bentley, Rolls Royce, and Mini. Their largest car manufacturer in Britain is Vauxhall. On the other hand, McLaren is well-known for producing sports vehicles for many decades.


jaguar carJaguar was founded in 1922, and it is headquartered in Coventry. It was founded by William Walmsley and Sir William Lyons. It belongs to Jaguar Land Rover consortium. Recently, the company has been acquired by Indian Tata Group. Over the years, it has established itself as a trademark in luxury cars. Currently, the manufacturer is developing new models that utilize new technologies. Therefore, in the future, they are likely to manufacture electric vehicles.

Land Rover

Land Rover was established in 1948. Like Jaguar, it is headquarters in Coventry. It is interesting to note that Land Rover was the only brand that challenged the American SUVs when they were released. This brand found inspiration in the American Jeep for being the first-all-terrain vehicle. Over the years, it has released new models such as Range Rover Sport, Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, and Range Rover Discovery. Even though it manufacturers pricier vehicles, its exquisite design, and performance place it among the top preferences as far as modern SUVs are concerned.


Founded in 1909, the Mini was an economy automobile designed for the middle class. At the moment, it is made by German’s BMW. Ideally, the manufacturer has only kept the name but radically transformed the car’s structure. Mini boasts distinctive design plus above-average performance. It made the brand extremely popular to the people living in urban areas. With eight models undergoing continuous production, the automaker looks like it’s here to stay.

Aston Martin

aston martin carFounded in 1913 with its headquarters in Warwickshire, the manufacturer is well-known for producing famous sports cars. If you love watching the movies, then you might have come across the brand’s exquisite dynamics and design. The car remains emblematic for the luxurious, expensive vehicles. It is said that Ford owns a stake in the company.

The models sold by this company can be found worldwide. You will be surprised to note that the older models are being auctioned for flabbergasting prices. The new ones offer owners the possibility of personalizing them.…

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